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Our most valuable resource is our staff. We therefore ensure that the members of our highly talented professional team are carefully recruited. All of them are professionals and they've advised biggest legal structuring proccesses in the world. Our team members are people with rich experience and a broad view of the world. Therefore, each employee, without exception, is aimed at achieving the desired result for you!
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  • Anika Lozano

    • Admiralty and Maritime Law
  • Jonty Vargas

    • Immigration Law
    • Commercial Law | Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Denis Navarro
    • International Structures Services
  • Luqman Christensen
    • Negotiation
    • Permisology
What we are good at
Advanced analytics tools and trusted industry knowledge to help you with public offers of shares, issuance of bonds, corporate restructuring and any other banking issues.
Immigration Law
Our experienced team is ready to help individuals, families and companies with any immigration issue. Get your best way to relocate.

Capital Markets
For a long time we have been providing comprehensive support from IPO to disclosure of financial statements for the world's leading businesses.
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We publish our latest news, upcoming events, and special offers
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    At Dolphin Corp LLC we take pride on being part of well known associations and legal networks who recognize our efforts of providing outstanding legal advise and stellar service to all of our customers.
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