Capital Markets
Dolphin Corp. signifies a world-class reputation as a preferred law firm on capital.

Our team, at your request, will regularly represent organizers and issuers in the process of registering securities with the Securities Market Authority in the required country of the world or listing on a stock exchange or other organized securities markets.

Lawyers at Dolphin Corp. advise registered issuers and securities intermediaries on their compliance with their obligation to disclose reports and other financial information from time to time in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Legal Advisory services on capital markets:

We represent banks, financial institutions and companies engaged in financial activities as organizers or issuers of investments in local and foreign markets, such as:

  • Negotiable commercial securities
  • Corporate bonds
  • Rolling programs
  • Offers of shares for sale
  • Mutual funds
  • Private capital fund
  • Real estate investment companies
  • Private investment companies
  • Real estate investment trusts