Immigration Law
Dolphin Corp. there is a special expert working group that is familiar with all the details of immigration law. The team is available to assist with the immigration status of employees and/or dependents. It is also ready to resolve such issues for local or foreign corporations or multinational corporations that need to organize the status of a resident of foreigners as employees and / or as dependents. In whatever country you work, we are ready to provide you with the necessary legal support!

Our list of expertise in this field includes the following, without limitation:
  • Permanent residence for economic solvency;
  • Permanent residence permit ;
  • Temporary and permanent residence for retirees or pensioners;
  • Permanent residence for persons married with a citizen;
  • Permanent residence for parents of a citizen;
  • Permanent residence as a professional foreigner;
  • Temporary residence for employees under the 10% allowed for foreigners under labor contracts to work in the country or under the 15% for specialized personnel;
  • Temporary residence for employees of a multi-national enterprise;
  • Temporary residence for retirees with means of sustenance;
  • Dependents of permanent residents may also obtain permanent residence.
  • Permanent residence as a Qualified Investor.
Dolphin Corp. has also assisted a considerable number of foreigners through the entire process of naturalization up to the certificate of citizenship.